Buffalo Milke is the PREMIUM, PROVEN car care product line that thousands of customers love! We created this full line of premium care products for you, our customers, so that you could protect, beautify, and maintain your cars, boats, trucks, motorcyles, airplanes, and basically anything else that has paint, leather, rubber, plastic, or chrome (that covers a lot of ground!).

You may have noticed that Buffalo Milke products are missing from your store shelves. Why is that? The products are used by legendary car customizers who spend tens of thousands of dollars for professional paint jobs. It's obvious - Buffalo Milke products work!

But you won't find them in stores. The big guys (we won't name names) have a lock on the distribution channels. The ONLY way you will ever be able to buy our products in a retail environment is to talk to management of your favorite local retailer.

All that said, you can still find our products here online or by phone/mail order.

We are often copied, but never duplicated. You may find other products that make product claims but Buffalo Milke is the only one that can deliver. Buffalo Milke Instant Spray Wax, for example, is the ORIGINAL Premium instant spray way. Nobody else can make that claim.

If they do, you're dealing with an imposter. Simple as that.

Buffalo Milke made its 4th appearance at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world (PLEASE NOTE: THE SEMA SHOW IS NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC). Buffalo Milke featured guest appearances by two of American Graffiti's stars, Candy Clark and Bo Hopkins, as well as legendary customizer John D'Agostino and the National Winner of the Discovery Channel Biker Build-Off, Arlen Ness Custom Motorcycles of Las Vegas.

American Graffiti star, Candy Clark American Graffiti star, Bo Hopkins


Buffalo Milke customers are fanatical about the appearance of their vehicles. Here are two of our latest unsolicited testimonials from truly enthusiastic Buffalo Milke users!

Jesus P., Jr. has said this about Buffalo Milke:
"When I first heard about Buffalo Milke, I was at a car show back in 2003.  Now, like everyone else, I did not enjoy waxing any of my vehicles because it took so long and the white residue was always a pain to get out of the crevices or even impossible to get rid of when it ended up on the black plastic.  Well, I decided to take a chance and I have not looked back since then.  I could not believe how easy it was to use this product and the finish always looked outstanding!  It did not matter what color vehicle I tested this on, the results were always the same.  I had the opportunity to convince some of my fellow workers to try the product.  However, I had to give them some of my wax so of course, I keep running out.  No matter; I am out here bufflalo-izing anyone who will listen!!!!!!!!  Thanks for such a great product!!!!!!!!  I always make it a point to stop to see you at every Good Guys car show and speaking to you and your wife.  Keep up the great work!!!"

Here is his RST:

Ken S., Vancouver, BC, Canada said of Buffalo Milke:
"Hi Phil ...

"Here are my 3 toys - '04 Jag XKR Super Charged - '99 740IL and 94 3 series

"I have always been a detailing freak and really enjoy using Buffalo Milke





What's to come in 2010? Stay tuned...


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